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The Birth of a currency

Birth of a currency

In 1947, a new country called Pakistan was born after separating the eastern and western wings of India. These two wings were named West Pakistan and East Pakistan. The East wing of Pakistan was separated from the West by 1600 kilometers, with India in between, and the majority of the population (estimated 54%) were living in East Pakistan. Their language was Bengali. Since the beginning of this new state, a great deal of discrimination was exhibited by the West against the East. Needless to say, the first attack, and a major reason for this discrimination was language.

In this document, you are going to see signs of language disparity. We will examine how the legal tender of East and West Pakistan went from entirely Urdu to equal recognition of both languages. We will call this “The Birth of a Currency”

Every citizen of any given country has the right to know the value of legal tender. Look at the first picture; it is a bill for 10 Rupees. However, nowhere can a Bengali word be found.

The next iteration has a little more generosity. It has a sign of one Rupee in Bengali on the upper left hand and lower right hand corner. Nothing else, not even the word of warning from the State Bank.

The next change has, along with the two corners, the Bengali language visible in the body. Check the third bill. Yes, it says 100 Taka but what about the message from the State Bank of Pakistan etc.?

This effort for equality continued for 24 years. At the end yes, it was split evenly. One side had the script in Urdu and the other side in Bengali. However, when a group of people are neglected and discriminated against for long enough, they will rise up for their full unequivocal rights, specifically the right to speak in their own mother tongue. A 50/50 split at that point just doesn’t cut it.

The last bill, is in 100% Bengali. You must be wounding how? Well, by that time the Bengali citizen of Eastern Pakistan had already liberated their land of Bengal. And they named their country after their language, Bangladesh.

This is the story of; the birth of a currency.