Akhtar Hossain speaking with the 24th Premier of Ontario, Dalton McGuinty on
International Mother Language Day (IMLD)



Akhtar Hossain seeking support from the NDP leader and the  leader of the opposition (Canada) Jack Layton (in office May 2, 2011 – August 22. 2011)


MLD with the MPPs
It was on January 29, 2008 when I received a call from Mr. Akhtar Hossain
asking me to consider submitting a proposal to the Ontario Legislature to
proclaim February 21 as “International Mother Language Day in Ontario”.
Akhtar added that his previous efforts in convincing certain MPPs to do so
were not successful.  This preliminary communication led us to a meeting in
Richmond Hill where he briefed me about the story behind this “Day”.  Being
illiterate in my own mother language, I instantaneously realized the
significance of recognition of mother language and agreed to act upon his
request.  Akhtar inspired me and his advocacy lead to the unanimously
passing of my Motion at the Ontario Legislature on My 28, 2009.  As such
February 21 proclaimed “International Mother Language Day in Ontario..

Reza Moridi, MPP
Minister of Research, Innovation and Science


Akhtar Hossain with Rafiqul Islam (main architect of the IMD) of Vancouver, Canada


Akhtar Hossain speaking in language and heritage class organized by OBCS,
Toronto Canada


Akhtar Hossain with a writers group of Korean language in Toronto

International Mother Language Day celebration organized by BCING in Guelph